Unconventional Art Mediums Gaining Recognition

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There are lots of television providers and vendors out there like http://directtelevisionpackages.com and if you care about the underground art scene you might just want to make sure you find one offering PBS. Why? Art21 – that’s why.

Art21 is a biennial modern art showcase that documents and interviews some of the major modern and underground artists of our time. It is professionally produced and features a clean, carinsurance-deals.com, crisp and sexy look at not just the art but the artists and their process as well.

It’s also not without a certain tongue-in-cheek sensibility. Every episode is introduced by a different celebrity. Some of these celebrities are from the art world and some, like Steve Martin, have very artist-like sensibilities and perspectives.

What is most impressive about the show is the all-inclusive nature of it when it comes to documenting art. You’ll see a lot of specials and scholars who do more talking about what art ISN’T than what it actually could be. This refreshing take on the field allows for there to be more possibilities and more potential.

Art21 is a must for anyone looking to see what’s hot in the world of modern and underground art. It also gives this particular “sub-genre” of art the recognition it deserves.

Independent Galleries Versus Corporate America

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The independent art galleries, although forlorn and overlooked, are still alive in some parts of the country. They have not lost the battle to the corporate American advertisers who believe that digital pictures are the best substitute for art. If you have an art gallery in your city, try to make a visit to show support to the local artist in the area. They thrive on the compliments of others, and they make a living by selling the work they create art galleries. These galleries often sponsor art shows, for a small fee, through the year so that artists can Read more…

The Five Best Independent Art Galleries To Visit

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If visiting the best art galleries in the world is on your bucket list, be sure to jot down the names of these independent art galleries:

Mediamatic Fabriek: Located in Amsterdam, this gallery adamantly seeks to discover the relationships between art, culture, and technology by exploring society from new and unexpected angles. They focus on visitor participation and interaction in their ever-evolving works. A current work-in-progress is Gamification which combines art, gaming, and life.

Haunch of Venison: This London based gallery was established Read more…

True Underground Artists And Where To See Their Work

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Shane Koyczan is a slam poet whose poem “To This Day” went viral on social media sites recently. He has three published works of fiction and is perhaps best known for performing at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. He is currently on tour, with the details available on his website. He performs around his home country of Canada.

Keszler Gallery in New York City is an art gallery that features the work of many independent, underground artists. Such artists include famous graffiti artist Banksy, sculptor Peter Anton (best known for his sculptures of giant-size chocolates and Read more…

Underground Fiction And The Authors Behind It

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Have you ever wondered what real authors are getting up to these days; the ones that you don’t always hear about? There’s a world beyond what we normally hear about in literature. Do you ever wonder what happens to the authors who can’t seem to find a publisher or who simply want to write for the sake of having something to say?

We provide an elaborate look into the detail of authors and what they are doing when the main stream world seems to Read more…

Top Ten Favorite Underground Poets Revealed

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Poetry is an ancient literary art form. Underground or independent poetry, is created by slam or underground
poets. The underground poet often chooses topics or subjects, outside the popular themes. The poetry is often angry, or has depressing themes. It may also use unusual forms. A new way of expressing this poetry is with live performances, also called slam, in small cafes. Audiences can participate, by rating their favorite underground poets.
Recent slam poet favorites have been, Cristin Read more…

Five Greatest Independent Authors Of Fiction

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Five Greatest Independent Authors of Fiction

This is my list of favorite independent authors of all time. I’m stating my prejudices right up from a fan of horror fiction so you may find my list heavily weighted in that direction. I’ve also included some firsts on my list that were not independent fiction but represented something new- which is hard to find in the fiction world. I hope you enjoy this list Read more…

What It Takes To Write Great Independent Fiction

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If you’re struggling with writing some independent fiction, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The key here is to create dynamic engaging characters and stories that the readers want to read about. You don’t need to create a whole alternative world for your characters to live in, in fact some of the best characters live in the here and now. It is how they interact with their environment that intrigues the reader.

Keep it real.
Great independent fiction is, above all things, real, and drawing on what you have experienced in Read more…

Underground Venues For The Independent Poet

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An underground open mic venue is the best place to experience poetry for the listener to and develop the poetry voice for the performer and writer. Poetry comes alive for the audience when it is spoken by the author. Finding underground venues that support poetic artists is a must.

Underground venues are informal and supportive. They are a great place to hone your skills because everyone is there to give you constructive criticism no matter your skill level. Although each venue has its own specified Read more…

Where To Find The Latest New Urban Poets

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Poetry lovers will benefit from hearing about the latest urban poets because they bring a fresh attitude and words to the poetry scene. A great way to find the newest poets, especially those who are on the brink of becoming famous, is to go to poetry readings in large cities. Readings are often held in art galleries, libraries, colleges, bars and coffee shops, and are generally open to the public. Poetry competitions or slams are another interesting place to hear poets compete with one another for various titles. You can find out about events like these in the local arts Read more…