Underground Venues For The Independent Poet

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An underground open mic venue is the best place to experience poetry for the listener to and develop the poetry voice for the performer and writer. Poetry comes alive for the audience when it is spoken by the author. Finding underground venues that support poetic artists is a must.

Underground venues are informal and supportive. They are a great place to hone your skills because everyone is there to give you constructive criticism no matter your skill level. Although each venue has its own specified Read more…

Where To Find The Latest New Urban Poets

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Poetry lovers will benefit from hearing about the latest urban poets because they bring a fresh attitude and words to the poetry scene. A great way to find the newest poets, especially those who are on the brink of becoming famous, is to go to poetry readings in large cities. Readings are often held in art galleries, libraries, colleges, bars and coffee shops, and are generally open to the public. Poetry competitions or slams are another interesting place to hear poets compete with one another for various titles. You can find out about events like these in the local arts Read more…

Where Famous Underground Poets Like To Read

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Poetry has been a way of expression for centuries, and is still alive and thriving today. With the introduction and widespread use of the internet even reading poetry has transformed from being a physical scene to a virtual thing.
Underground Poetry Spot is an organization that operates out of Syracuse New York, it is premiere open mic organization. This is the latest way that poets are getting their voices heard, a new out let created by the underground poetry spot.com. Read more…

Underground Poets You May Not Have Heard

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The 21st century poet enjoys an unprecedented freedom of artistic expression; not limited to traditional means of publication, modern poets use social media and online publishing to give their words form and substance. An ever-growing number of literary magazines exist in print and online, giving readers access to a diverse new world of poetry. New Pages, Good Reads and Duotrope are a resource to writers and readers alike, cataloging literary journals for easy access. Notable underground poets include Nicole Blackman (Blood Sugar) and Daphne Gottleib (Kissing Dead Girls), who Read more…

Five Great Venues To Hear New Poetry

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There is nothing quite like going out to listen to poetry. Poetry readings can happen anywhere that a poetry guild decides to meet, so do not make the mistake of missing out on a great night just because the location seemed sketchy. These types of locations are often where the most potent readings take place

1. Artist districts.
Bars in these parts of town are often run down. They make for wonderful places for spoken word artists to come together and recite their art. They Read more…