Underground Poets You May Not Have Heard

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The 21st century poet enjoys an unprecedented freedom of artistic expression; not limited to traditional means of publication, modern poets use social media and online publishing to give their words form and substance. An ever-growing number of literary magazines exist in print and online, giving readers access to a diverse new world of poetry. New Pages, Good Reads and Duotrope are a resource to writers and readers alike, cataloging literary journals for easy access. Notable underground poets include Nicole Blackman (Blood Sugar) and Daphne Gottleib (Kissing Dead Girls), who fuse the starkness of urban life with delicate, fragile imagery. Music fans may recognize Blackman’s poetry from her work with Recoil, Golden Palominos and KMFDM. Karen Volkman (Crash’s Law, Spar) creates quiet, lilting rhythms, implementing economy of language to build tension in her meticulously constructed poems. Donna Decker (I Have Your Petty Secret, Paradise: Voices of Key West) uses jazz music as a tool, taking on the concept of persona to creating poetry whose characters leap off the page and into life. The poems of rising star Jon Morgan Davies (Marco Polo Arts Quarterly, among others) utilize gentle restraint and organic metaphor to sketch out a landscape of mind that’s as refreshing as it is innovative.

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